Exceptional care by choice, not by chance.

Accurate Rx is a nursing-supported pharmacy that provides patients and healthcare providers with evidence-based solutions to take control of chronic health conditions. You and your family will benefit from services that extend beyond the care you receive from your physician.

High quality, comprehensive clinical and referral management services include:

  • Home Infusion Nursing
  • Dedicated Insurance Experts
  • Customized Care Coordination
  • 24-hour Pharmacist Availability
  • Ambulatory Infusion Center Access
  • Patient, Family and School Education
  • Pharmacy Dispensing & Durable Medical Equipment

The Accurate Rx team of experienced clinicians gives the physician, the case manager, the social worker or the discharge planner ease of referral and peace of mind. The team’s commitment to quality ensures positive clinical outcomes and high client satisfaction for our patients, providers, and payors.

Because when it comes to caring for you and your family, you have enough on your mind.

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