Fall 2016 Newsletter

What Does it Mean to Become an ARx Client?

By: Jay Bryant-Wimp

At Accurate Rx Pharmacy we use the word client to describe those that use our services. You might ask why we use this word instead of referral source, consumer, or patient, and the answer is simple. The origin of the word client describes a relationship that is protective in nature.  So we strive to meet this expectation of being a pro-active resource to not only exceed your expectations when it comes to your patient’s health, but also as it pertains to their health care benefits.

We will always advocate for our shared patients, even when they are simply part of a patient community or a long-standing client.  We even helped get an important piece of legislation through the process and are now serving as content consultants regarding the language of the law.  The law will help protect those with bleeding disorders in the state of Missouri, ensuring timely deliveries of medication, competency of pharmacy staff and immediate recall notices.

Additionally, we will continue to work towards excellence by adhering to the accreditation and qualification standards. Our pursuit of exceptional care by choice and not by chance is not just a tagline, but part of the culture at Accurate Rx.

With this in mind, join us as a member of our Accurate Rx community as our client.  We will do all we can to exceed your expectations and protect clients by striving for the best clinical and fiscally responsible outcome possible!


What have we been up to?

Accurate Rx is honored to announce that we have placed #987 in the 2016 INC. 5000 List. This was a significant jump from our #2,036 place in 2015.

Jay Bryant-Wimp was the recipient of the MPA’s 2016 Pharmacist Making a Difference award. This award is presented to a pharmacist who makes a difference in the quality of life in his or her patients by consistently going beyond the call of duty to provide excellent pharmacy care. Way to go Jay!

We’d like to welcome Chelsea Schroeder and Sandra Freese to the Accurate Rx Team! Chelsea is our Infusion Nurse Specialist and Sandra Freese is our Director of Operations/Chief Financial Officer.

Charles and our marketing team enjoyed attending the MHA Hemophilia Walk in Kansas City, MHA Golf Tournament, MHA Family Fun Fair, GHA Membership Meeting, GHA Tee off 4 Hemophilia, GHA Wine Tasting Fundraiser, IDF Walk for PI in St. Louis, CMH Family Education Day, and Mediware Information Systems Conference this quarter.

Where in the world is Accurate Rx?

December:  MHA Awards and Recognition Banquet, GHA Holiday Party

Jay and his MPA Ward

Jay and his MPA Award

IDF Walk for PI

IDF Walk for PI




Patient Testimonials:

“Very helpful and always available for questions”

“All of the people that I talked with were more than helpful!”

Referral Testimonials:

“Thank you so much for your outstanding, patient -centered care and knowledgeable caring staff!”

“All my clients absolutely LOVE Accurate’s services. Each person I have come in contact with says how much they appreciate the company!”

In the News…


Boy with Hemophilia A Undergoes Stem Cell Transplant

A young boy underwent a potentially successful allogeneic stem cell transplant for his Hemophilia A. The researchers shared “At the last follow-up the patient was well and in stable hematological remission. F-VIII-activity was 19.6 percent and he did not present any bleeding symptoms.” To read the full article, click this link.


IgG Next Generation: A New Development in Polyvalent Immunoglobulin G

The first patient has been treated in a phase III study investigating IgG Next Generation in the indication of Primary Immunodeficiency Disease (PID). To read more about this study, click this link.


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