Spring 2017 Newsletter

The Accurate Rx Infusion Experience
By: Jay Bryant-Wimp

Accurate Rx has experienced nurses located throughout our service areas who are available to infuse in the comfort of home or in our convenient Ambulatory Infusion Center (AIC). Our customized care coordination ensures positive clinical outcomes!

We offer the best:

  • Infusion Therapy (Home or AIC)
  • ACHC Accredited Ambulatory Infusion Center
  • Self-infusion and Injection Training
  • Infusion Pump Training, Site Management and Support Services
  • Home Assessment
  • Care Planning & Coordination
  • REMS Medication Infusion
  • Pre-procedure and Post-procedure care

Upcoming Events
Come visit Accurate Rx at the below upcoming events next quarter!
– 4/22/17 – Spectrum Poker Tournament
– 4/22/17 – Columbia Great Strides Walk
– 4/29/17 – Oklahoma Hemophilia Walk
– 5/6/17 – GHA Hemophilia Walk
– 6/4/17 – St. Louis CCFA Walk
– 6/17/17 – MHA Springfield Education Day

What have we been up to?

Our team celebrated Kirsten Moloney, RPh, Director of Pharmacy, and her 5 years of service to ARx in March! Way to go Kirsten!

We’d like to welcome Blake Bougadis, Justun Leininger, and Dean Zaske to our team! Blake and Justun are our new Delivery Drivers and Dean is our new Regional Sales Manager.

Our team was able to attend Pascale’s Pals, Columbia MS Support Group, and Missouri Advocacy Day this quarter. We even participated in the #RedTieChallenge to support Bleeding Disorder Awareness month!

Our team participating in the Red Tie Challenge!

Pascale’s Pals

Celebrating Kirsten’s Five Years of Service

Patient Testimonials
“Kirsten and staff were awesome! Thanks for everything and being so accommodating!”

“Excellent Service! Very easy process and great care. They made me feel like they were there every step of the way with me!”

Referral Testimonials

“Thank you for your on-going commitment to providing excellent, patient-centered care!”

“Communications are friendly, prompt, and reliable!”

In the News…..

Mild Exercise May Benefit People with Hemophilia B to Minimize Risk of Bleeding

A new study found that moderate intensity exercise induces changes promoting blood clot formation both in men with hemophilia A and hemophilia B. These changes are sustained one hour following exercise only in men with hemophilia B. To read the full article, click this link.

FDA Accepts Application for Privigen to Treat CIDP

This application included data from 2 clinical trials and the Phase 3 study had an overall response rate of 60.7%. To read the full article, click this link.


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