Accurate Rx History

Accurate Rx Pharmacy was established in September of 2009 in Columbia, Missouri with a specific vision in mind: to take care of clients with chronic conditions in a way that no one had done before. Founders, Jay and Stacy Bryant-Wimp knew they wanted to create a culture with V.I.P in mind: Value, Integrity and Partnership, the Pillars of Excellence they built their business model around.

Jay Bryant-Wimp has over 20 years of experience as a pharmacist, with 20 years of that specializing in chronic conditions and bleeding disorders. Stacy has garnered much experience with contracts and the legal issues associated with them working as a contract specialist. She also has years of entrepreneurial experience starting several successful businesses that allowed her to work at home while taking care of their three children.

One of the things that really motivated the business plan was Stacy’s desire to no longer live in different silos of work, home and church. By starting their own company, Jay and Stacy were able to combine their family, work ethic and faith. When you ask the employees what they love about working for Accurate Rx Pharmacy, one of the main reasons is usually the family-friendly work atmosphere. You will often find children of employees doing homework after school in the conference room, and family always comes first when kids are sick or have school events.

When Stacy and Jay started the company, they began their journey with 2 employees and 1 client. Their dedication, time and effort has truly paid off and Accurate Rx now has well over 400 clients and staffs 30+ employees since opening their doors in 2009. Part of the reason Accurate Rx has seen such great success is because of the hard work that Jay and Stacy put in from the very beginning. As a pharmacist, Jay provided the expertise in the pharmacy world as well as the knowledge of caring for chronically ill patients, while Stacy spent countless hours implementing the business plan. Those first staff members, as a team, spent an exorbitant number of hours getting the pharmacy accredited with the Accreditation Commission for Health Care. This allowed Accurate Rx to sign national contracts with insurance providers and service patients nationwide which allowed us to expand and provide services across the Midwest.

Jay says, “I love to fight on behalf of my clients.” Known as the “Phighting Pharmacist” around town, his passion for winning is evident. He fights for his clients’ freedom to choose their provider by advocating for any willing provider laws, he fought for better standards of care for Hemophilia patients (and won), and fights daily to maximize his clients’ insurance benefits.

Finally, if you ask Jay what allows them to maintain what he calls the “Extra-Mile Culture”, he will tell you it is the staff. “You have to have the right people in the right places to make things happen on a high level every day”. This is what he believes sets Accurate Rx Pharmacy apart from other specialty, home infusion companies.

“Having a team that has passion translates to exceptional care.” – Jay Bryant-Wimp