Spring 2017 Newsletter

The Accurate Rx Infusion Experience
By: Jay Bryant-Wimp

Accurate Rx has experienced nurses located throughout our service areas who are available to infuse in the comfort of home or in our convenient Ambulatory Infusion Center (AIC). Our customized care coordination ensures positive clinical outcomes!

We offer the best:

  • Infusion Therapy (Home or AIC)
  • ACHC Accredited Ambulatory Infusion Center
  • Self-infusion and Injection Training
  • Infusion Pump Training, Site Management and Support Services
  • Home Assessment
  • Care Planning & Coordination
  • REMS Medication Infusion
  • Pre-procedure and Post-procedure care

Upcoming Events
Come visit Accurate Rx at the below upcoming events next quarter!
– 4/22/17 – Spectrum Poker Tournament
– 4/22/17 – Columbia Great Strides Walk
– 4/29/17 – Oklahoma Hemophilia Walk
– 5/6/17 – GHA Hemophilia Walk
– 6/4/17 – St. Louis CCFA Walk
– 6/17/17 – MHA Springfield Education Day

What have we been up to?

Our team celebrated Kirsten Moloney, RPh, Director of Pharmacy, and her 5 years of service to ARx in March! Way to go Kirsten!

We’d like to welcome Blake Bougadis, Justun Leininger, and Dean Zaske to our team! Blake and Justun are our new Delivery Drivers and Dean is our new Regional Sales Manager.

Our team was able to attend Pascale’s Pals, Columbia MS Support Group, and Missouri Advocacy Day this quarter. We even participated in the #RedTieChallenge to support Bleeding Disorder Awareness month!

Our team participating in the Red Tie Challenge!

Pascale’s Pals

Celebrating Kirsten’s Five Years of Service

Patient Testimonials
“Kirsten and staff were awesome! Thanks for everything and being so accommodating!”

“Excellent Service! Very easy process and great care. They made me feel like they were there every step of the way with me!”

Referral Testimonials

“Thank you for your on-going commitment to providing excellent, patient-centered care!”

“Communications are friendly, prompt, and reliable!”

In the News…..

Mild Exercise May Benefit People with Hemophilia B to Minimize Risk of Bleeding

A new study found that moderate intensity exercise induces changes promoting blood clot formation both in men with hemophilia A and hemophilia B. These changes are sustained one hour following exercise only in men with hemophilia B. To read the full article, click this link.

FDA Accepts Application for Privigen to Treat CIDP

This application included data from 2 clinical trials and the Phase 3 study had an overall response rate of 60.7%. To read the full article, click this link.


Winter 2016 Newsletter

Who you gonna call? The one with the recommendations, of course.

By: Jay Bryant-Wimp, RPh

In our competitive marketplace where businesses compete for customers and referral sources; customer satisfaction is a key differentiator. Successful businesses are ones that make customer satisfaction a key element of their business strategy. Think of yourself when it comes to customer satisfaction. If you have recommendations or read positive reviews for one business, would that sway your opinion? Probably. So how does that recommendation originally start? More than likely it’s based on a good customer experience. Companies who offer an extra-mile customer experience, like Accurate Rx, create environments where satisfaction is high and customer advocates are plenty. Let us show you the Accurate Rx Experience!

What have we been up to?

Accurate Rx has been accredited for the 2017 to 2020 period by the Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC). Way to go team!

We’d like to welcome Krista Cotterill, RN to the Accurate Rx Team! Krista is our new Infusion Nurse Specialist in the Wichita region.

Charles and our marketing team enjoyed attending the GHA Membership Meeting, MHA Hemophilia Walk in Kansas City, Coalition B Hemophilia, GHA Trivia Night, MHA Awards and Recognition Banquet, and the GHA Holiday Party

Where in the world is Accurate Rx?

March:   Missouri Advocacy Day and Pascale’s Pals

Our Reindeer Thumb Wrestling competition at the Christmas Party!

Patient Testimonials:

“What a fantastic company! Every person is professional and helpful. Most of all I can tell they care about me! I highly recommend Accurate Rx!”

“Very helpful and always available for questions”

Referral Testimonials:

“Thank you so much for your outstanding, patient-centered care and knowledgeable caring staff!”

” All my clients absolutely LOVE Accurate’s services. Each person I have come in contact with says how much they appreciate the company!”

In the News…

UT Austin Engineers Develop First-Ever Capsule to treat Hemophilia

Researchers have developed a capsule to administer the protein therapy that treats Hemophilia B. We are excited to see the clinical trials. To read the full article, click this link.

FDA OKs Immune Globulin Cuvitru for Primary Immunodeficiency

The availability of Cuvitru as a high-concentration, subcutaneous [immunoglobulin] provides primary immunodeficiency patients with the dosing flexibility that allows them to customize their therapy to best fit their individual need. To read more about this study, click this link.


Fall 2016 Newsletter

What Does it Mean to Become an ARx Client?

By: Jay Bryant-Wimp

At Accurate Rx Pharmacy we use the word client to describe those that use our services. You might ask why we use this word instead of referral source, consumer, or patient, and the answer is simple. The origin of the word client describes a relationship that is protective in nature.  So we strive to meet this expectation of being a pro-active resource to not only exceed your expectations when it comes to your patient’s health, but also as it pertains to their health care benefits.

We will always advocate for our shared patients, even when they are simply part of a patient community or a long-standing client.  We even helped get an important piece of legislation through the process and are now serving as content consultants regarding the language of the law.  The law will help protect those with bleeding disorders in the state of Missouri, ensuring timely deliveries of medication, competency of pharmacy staff and immediate recall notices.

Additionally, we will continue to work towards excellence by adhering to the accreditation and qualification standards. Our pursuit of exceptional care by choice and not by chance is not just a tagline, but part of the culture at Accurate Rx.

With this in mind, join us as a member of our Accurate Rx community as our client.  We will do all we can to exceed your expectations and protect clients by striving for the best clinical and fiscally responsible outcome possible!


What have we been up to?

Accurate Rx is honored to announce that we have placed #987 in the 2016 INC. 5000 List. This was a significant jump from our #2,036 place in 2015.

Jay Bryant-Wimp was the recipient of the MPA’s 2016 Pharmacist Making a Difference award. This award is presented to a pharmacist who makes a difference in the quality of life in his or her patients by consistently going beyond the call of duty to provide excellent pharmacy care. Way to go Jay!

We’d like to welcome Chelsea Schroeder and Sandra Freese to the Accurate Rx Team! Chelsea is our Infusion Nurse Specialist and Sandra Freese is our Director of Operations/Chief Financial Officer.

Charles and our marketing team enjoyed attending the MHA Hemophilia Walk in Kansas City, MHA Golf Tournament, MHA Family Fun Fair, GHA Membership Meeting, GHA Tee off 4 Hemophilia, GHA Wine Tasting Fundraiser, IDF Walk for PI in St. Louis, CMH Family Education Day, and Mediware Information Systems Conference this quarter.

Where in the world is Accurate Rx?

December:  MHA Awards and Recognition Banquet, GHA Holiday Party

Jay and his MPA Ward

Jay and his MPA Award

IDF Walk for PI

IDF Walk for PI




Patient Testimonials:

“Very helpful and always available for questions”

“All of the people that I talked with were more than helpful!”

Referral Testimonials:

“Thank you so much for your outstanding, patient -centered care and knowledgeable caring staff!”

“All my clients absolutely LOVE Accurate’s services. Each person I have come in contact with says how much they appreciate the company!”

In the News…


Boy with Hemophilia A Undergoes Stem Cell Transplant

A young boy underwent a potentially successful allogeneic stem cell transplant for his Hemophilia A. The researchers shared “At the last follow-up the patient was well and in stable hematological remission. F-VIII-activity was 19.6 percent and he did not present any bleeding symptoms.” To read the full article, click this link.


IgG Next Generation: A New Development in Polyvalent Immunoglobulin G

The first patient has been treated in a phase III study investigating IgG Next Generation in the indication of Primary Immunodeficiency Disease (PID). To read more about this study, click this link.


Accurate Rx Summer Newsletter


Continuous infusion of anti-hemophilic factor: Experience Matters

By: Jay Bryant-Wimp

If your patient requires surgery or has experienced trauma, you might consider ordering continuous infusion of factor therapy.  Continuous infusion involves the administration of factor over an extended period of time.  Continuous infusion has been proven to be a safe and effective therapy for treatment of bleeding disorders during and after procedures or trauma.¹
Some common questions that we receive may help you as you navigate through the benefits and risk when making the decision about surgery and continuous infusion.


Why should I consider continuous infusion rather than traditional dosing?
Continuous infusion offers many advantages to traditional dosing. We’ll be happy to show you and your healthcare team the related articles and case studies as well as our Accurate Continuous Anti-hemophilic factor Therapy (ACAT) protocol.  There is also a select list of references from our library listed below.


At what point should I contact Accurate Rx Pharmacy about a procedure?
Contact us as soon as you find out about the need for a procedure. We will begin the coordination process, work with your patient and start them on the road to a successful outcome.  We can also serve as a liaison between insurance and even help facilitate hospital coordination.  Our clinicians have served as experts and will be of service to you and your team.


Why should I trust Accurate Rx Pharmacy?
Because of our vast experience, our team has seen firsthand what patients encounter and be your extended staff through the process of transitioning to home.  Accurate Rx Pharmacy is one of only a few providers that offer continuous infusion and possibly the only home infusion pharmacy with published protocols and outcomes data.²  Our clinicians will work collaboratively with you and your patient to provide appropriate continuous infusion therapy and proactive communication before, during and after the procedure or trauma.

Contact us at 1.888.335.4279 for more information about the Accurate Rx continuous infusion therapy experience.



What have we been up to?

Our Infusion Nurse Specialist, Jessica Henke, graduated with her Masters in Nursing and passed her board tests to be a Nurse Practitioner. Way to go Jessica!


Kerri Alexander, our Infusion Nurse Specialist, was nominated for the 2016 Ambassador Choice Awards for exceptional nursing care. Great job, Kerri!


We’d like to welcome Joseph Beible, Kevin Langerud, and Ryan Grantham to the Accurate Rx team! Joey is our new Delivery Driver, Kevin is our new Intern, and Ryan is our new Bookkeeper.


Our Marketing team has been busy this quarter! We attended the Kansas City Great Strides Walk, Camp Notaclotamongus, Camp Red Sunrise, and GHA’s Family Education Weekend.

Where in the world is Accurate Rx?

September:  MHA Golf Tournament, MHA Family Fun Fair, GHA BBQ, GHA Tee Off 4 Hemophilia

October:      GHA Membership Meeting, MHA Hemophilia Walk, IDF Walk

November:  GHA Trivia Night


Kansas City Great Strides Walk




Patient Testimonials:


“We love you guys. You are like family to us! WHAT A TEAM!”


“I couldn’t be more pleased with the attention and care I receive from everyone at Accurate Rx!”


Referral Testimonials:


“Accurate Rx is great to work with, great customer service and I know my patients will always get what they need!”


“It has been a pleasure to work with the staff at Accurate! They have the best interests of the patient in mind and are very knowledgeable!”


In the News…


Preventative Hemophilia Treatment Still Faces Obstacles, but Future Looks Promising

Prophylactic hemophilia treatment can save patients with severe forms of the disease from the long-term consequences of joint damage and other complications. To read the full article, click this link.



9 Signs of Lupus All Women Should be Able to Recognize

90% of people diagnosed with Lupus are young women between the ages of 15 and 34, according to the S.L.E. Lupus Foundation. To see the 9 most common signs of Lupus, click this link.


Accurate Rx Spring Newsletter


Center of Excellence in Immune Disorders and Bleeding Disorders
By: Jay Bryant-Wimp

Accurate Rx Pharmacy proudly announces its continued qualification as a Specialty Pharmacy and Home Infusion Center of Excellence in Immune Disorders and Bleeding Disorders by Anovation Care Management Innovation.  The qualification extends to Accurate Rx’s home infusion pharmacy, home infusion nursing and specialty pharmacy services.

Anovation, known for innovative clinical excellence programs, developed home infusion and specialty pharmacy center of excellence criteria to help companies improve business operations and quality of patient care.  Referring to the value of achieving Center of Excellence status, Anovation Principal Anna Nowobilski-Vasilios, PharmD, MBA, FASHP, CNSC, BCNSP, indicated, “This center of excellence process is specifically designed for specialty pharmacy and home infusion organizations as a structure to develop, demonstrate and sustain service excellence for clinical programs that serve distinct patient populations.”

The Specialty Pharmacy and Home Infusion Center of Excellence qualification process is a voluntary activity where healthcare organizations submit to peer-review of their internal policies, processes and patient care delivery against the established standards of practice.  By attaining this qualification, Accurate Rx Pharmacy has demonstrated its commitment to maintain a higher level of competency and strive for excellence in clinical outcomes, services and customer satisfaction.

Accurate Rx Pharmacy caters to individuals with chronic diseases such as Primary Immune Deficiency and Bleeding Disorders. Accurate Rx Pharmacy provides quality, high-tech, home infusion and pharmacy services to patients throughout the Midwest, East Coast and Western United States.  Co-owner Jay Bryant-Wimp has worked as a pharmacist for 22 years. For 19 years he has cared for patients with chronic illness in home care, specialty pharmacy and ambulatory infusion clinic settings.  Bryant-Wimp says the staff at Accurate Rx Pharmacy takes a personal approach to patient care, “In addition to providing exceptional care to our clients, we believe in taking care of the entire family that is affected by a chronic disease.” Accurate Rx has personalized care teams consisting of pharmacists, nurses, a social worker, reimbursement specialists and pharmacy technicians to care for patients and their families.

“By obtaining the world’s first peer-reviewed qualification status as a Specialty Pharmacy and Home Infusion Center of Excellence in Immune Disorders and Bleeding Disorders, we have shown our deep dedication in caring for those in the community.  The intense process to qualify as a Center of Excellence and our on-going dedication to excellence will ensure exceptional outcomes as we provide for our clients.  Exceptional care by choice, not by chance is not just a tag-line.  At Accurate Rx Pharmacy, we expect to provide exceptional care.  The Center of Excellence certification is a great example of our commitment.”

Accurate Rx Pharmacy specializes in intravenous (IV) treatments and medication replacement at home or at our new Ambulatory Infusion Center (AIC).  The Infusion Center offers a comfortable and convenient alternative to receiving infusion services as an inpatient or in the emergency room, freeing patients from the expense and trauma of hospitalization.  Experienced nurse clinicians who specialize in intravenous treatments provide infusion services.  In addition, our experienced clinical pharmacists are available to assist the nursing staff in the pharmacological management of all disease states requiring frequent medication administration.

We’d like to give a special thanks to Charles McKee for leading the Accurate Rx staff in the requalification process and the team’s continued commitment.

What have we been up to?

Jay Bryant-Wimp passed his Michigan Pharmacist test and has received his Michigan Pharmacy License.

We’d like to welcome Holly Bower as our new Pharmacy Technician. She started on November 23rd.

Charles and the team have been busy this quarter attending some great events. In addition to having some great inservices, we attended the Wichita Family Education event held by MHA, the 340B Coalition Conference, the NHIA Annual Conference in New Orleans, and the Pascale’s Pals Annual Gala.

Where in the world is Accurate Rx?

June:   Camp Notaclotamongus, Camp Red Sunrise

July:    MHA Springfield Education Day, MHA Columbia Education Day, NHF Annual Meeting, WFH World Congress


Charles with his poster at the NHIA Annual Conference


Patient Testimonials:

“Absolutely the best medical office staff that I have encountered during the last 2 years of seeking medical treatment. I have been treated in 5 hospitals and 3 physician offices and you are #1.”

Referral Testimonials:

“Love sending clients to you! Always know they will get the best care and service.”

“I never worry that our patients would be treated poorly. Patients who have you filling scripts comment on how friendly and easy you are to deal with.”

“It doesn’t matter the time of day, everyone is friendly and ready to help meet our patients’ needs. Thank you!”

In the News…


Rare bleeding disorder diagnosis improved with super-resolution microscopy

Researchers at the University College of London have successfully identified bleeding disorders in patients using super-resolution microscopy. To read the full article, click this link.


Scientists found a new bacteria causing Lyme Disease: Borrelia Mayonii

Researchers at the Mayo Clinic discovered a new species of bacteria, B. Mayonii, which has recently been identified as a cause of Lyme in the midwest. To read the full article, click this link.


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