Frequently Asked Questions

What therapies do you provide?

Click here for a list of the conditions we treat. Please feel free to contact our staff and we will be glad to see if we can be of service for your specific condition.

What does your company do to assure privacy and confidentiality?

Privacy and confidentiality are top priorities at Accurate Rx Pharmacy. We have standards that exceed requirements to comply with HIPAA rules and regulations. In addition, we have established our own set of policy and procedures that require the utmost compliance from all staff and contracted staff.

Is there a financial assistance counselor to assist with insurance problems?

Accurate Rx has a Reimbursement Manager with 14 years of home care reimbursement experience available for consultation and assistance for any insurance issue that may arise. Additionally, Accurate Rx has a Clinical Social Worker that is available for support.

How are co-pays and deductibles handled?

The Reimbursement Manager and staff will work with each individual patient and or caregiver(s) to explain co-pays and deductibles. Accurate Rx has policies in place to set up payment plans in situations where there is financial hardship.

Do you provide biohazard waste containers?

Biohazard waste containers are provided to each patient. Accurate Rx will accommodate the individual request of each patient.

How long have members of your pharmacy been providing services to persons with chronic disorders?

Accurate Rx employees have over 85 combined years of experience in the home health, chronic disorder, and pharmacy industries. Our team of clinicians has the experience, dedication, and compassion to help you deal with the complex medical issues you may face.

Are there pediatric/adult nurses available 24 hours a day?

Accurate Rx has experienced pediatric and adult nurses located throughout our service area. Our nurses are employed by Accurate Rx to ensure continuity of care and positive clinical outcomes.

What is the standard time between patient request for emergency doses of product and delivery?

After the insurance verification process and proper documentation is verified, the emergency doses and supplies can be ready for delivery within 1-2 hours.

What is the standard time between patient request for medicine and delivery of the medicine?

The standard delivery is the next day for an order placed by 5 pm the night before.

How are products delivered to the patient's home?

Accurate Rx primarily delivers products by National Carriers. If needed same day, medications can be delivered via clinical personnel or professional courier, depending on location. If the patient prefers, they can pick up from us directly or have deliveries made to their physician’s office. Medication and equipment delivery is always at no charge to the patient.

Do you supply oral medications?

Yes, Accurate Rx is a full service pharmacy designed to meet all your medication needs.

Does the pharmacy accommodate patient requests for personal preference for supplies for administration?

Accurate Rx will meet the unique needs of every patient. We will ensure that each patient will have supplies that specifically match their request and/or their physician’s request.

Do you supply items to assist with chronic needs such as helmets, cryo cuffs, ice packs, nebulizers etc.?

Accurate Rx provides ancillary items related to the chronic condition as ordered by the physician.

Do you carry all brands of products and have an adequate allotment of these brands?

Accurate Rx Pharmacy supplies all brands of products to satisfy all our patient needs. Regarding factor, Accurate Rx carries all brands of factor and has direct agreements with manufacturers to ensure adequate assay sizes to meet all our clients’ needs.

What if a patient has questions or concerns after business hours?

A pharmacist and nurse are on-call 24/7 via an 800 number that goes directly to the pharmacist.

What are the hours of service?

Accurate Rx Pharmacy hours of operation are Monday through Friday 9am-5pm and Saturday 10am-2pm. Clinicians are on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to be there for you.