In our industry, change is constant. Expensive new drugs that require sophisticated delivery are entering the marketplace at a rapid pace; healthcare costs continue to rise; and consumers are in need of individualized care.

Accurate Rx’s responsibility to our insurance provider clients is to be a leader – to identify trends that affect cost and quality of care, and then guide clients through the complex industry landscape to provide the most workable solution. Balancing compassionate, individualized solutions that meet providers and consumers needs is where Accurate Rx provides the most value. We will partner with our insurance providers to bring clinical excellence and sophisticated understanding of trends while being good stewards of the healthcare dollar.

Accurate Rx brings a consultative approach to lead the best clinical and financial outcome to our insurance provider partners and our shared patients. Because we listen, we understand your goals and our patient’s goals.

Accurate Rx will:

  • Give 24/7/365 access to clinicians to help avoid costly hospital and emergency room visits
  • Assign a primary nurse to each case to ensure consistency of care
  • Provide complete oversight of patients
  • Transition each individual patient to the most cost-effective and clinically appropriate level of care
  • Provide customized utilization reports with industry benchmarking to better manage cost
  • Assist with timely discharges from hospitals through our use of our Hospital Liaisons