Accurate Rx extends the physician’s plan of care beyond the office and achieves greater patient satisfaction by providing comprehensive clinical management, education, 24-hour availability and feedback through a team of experienced clinicians including pharmacists, infusion nurses, social workers and insurance experts.

We work closely with physicians and referral sources to develop a care plan that delivers the appropriate level of service. Some clients become independent very quickly with their therapy, while others need daily support. To assure consistency and quality of care, Accurate Rx assigns a team of providers to each patient and appoints a primary nurse case manager to communicate directly with the physicians and care providers. With Accurate Rx, you can be assured that your patients and referrals receive the best clinical care possible.

Our Services:

24/7 Pharmacist Availability

A pharmacist and nurse are on-call 24/7 via a toll-free number that goes directly to the pharmacist. You can count on round-the-clock availability of nationally recognized clinicians in pharmacy, nursing and social work to be there for you and your patients when you need us.

Dedicated Nurse Case Manager

A Nurse Case Manager is assigned to communicate directly with the physicians and providers directing the care, to ensure quality and consistency. From the initial referral through the completion of therapy, Accurate Rx gives you peace of mind that your patients are receiving the best clinical care possible.

Insurance Verification and & Prior Auth Retrieval

Our intake team will verify your patients’ benefits on both the medical and pharmacy side in order to not only alleviate your workload, but to also determine the best way to preserve the patients’ benefits. Additionally, our staff will complete any prior auth applications required, if insurance allows.

Detailed Communication, Feedback and Reporting

Our staff provides quarterly reporting to the referrals office which includes medication dispensed and any other issues pertaining to the care of your patient.

We work closely with you and your office to develop a care plan that delivers the best service possible.