Kirsten Moloney, RPh

Director of Pharmacy

What is your favorite meal?
Mexican, although I do LOVE soup & cereal ☺

What is your passion in life?
To be all that I can be for the people in my life including my kids, family, friends and patients.

What is something people should know about you?
My favorite color is orange, I love giraffes, I’m scared of heights and I spent 26 days in Russia the summer of ’89.

What do you love most about working at Accurate Rx Pharmacy?
I truly love the culture that ARx has created for the staff. The passion for the patients, the mission of VIP and service that is given 110% every day, the value of family, the provision for the employees to grow both professionally and personally, the RESPECT…

If you were a superhero, what super power would you have?
The power to heal

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